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Our story begins in 1979 , thanks to a simple hole in the wall of a hospital. At the time it was not unusual to be in high traffic environments with more or less evident damage to the walls. In fact, most of the buildings showed signs of deterioration and wear, not just the walls but also misshapen and defaced door frames or broken and peeling corners.

It was impossible for infrastructure managers and maintenance managers to keep damage under control. Doors and walls lacked any protection. And it is from this sad reality, from this banal hole in the wall, that our company was born.

Since then we have reached another enlightening moment: just as buildings need protection from the people who use them, so too do people need to be protected in infrastructure. For this reason, we now offer low-noise track curtain systems to promote privacy and hopefully faster recovery to hospital patients. We create expansion joint systems that protect buildings from environmental movements. We strengthen the walls to withstand heavy traffic and foster a welcoming environment.


  1. Health

  2. Safety

  3. Appearance

  4. Sustainability

    We are so obsessed with safety, health and appearance that we design and manufacture almost all products ourselves, and subject them to exhaustive tests. We have therefore not spared you from doing everything to get the best and we have never been satisfied with anything other than total protection. Maybe we are a bit manic? If even so, we are proud of it. Our customers deserve a company with the same level of interest and commitment.


    Inpro is proud to offer a wide range of products that are sure to meet the needs of any space. From the entrance of a hotel to an operating room, we offer our support with products that meet the requirements of buildings while maintaining a professional aesthetic.